L’Oreal Infallible Foundations Comparison: Pro-Matte vs Pro-Glow vs Total Cover

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In January, L’Oreal released another addition to their Infallible foundation line – the Total Cover. I had purchased and mentioned it in my most recent drugstore makeup haul. If you missed that post, you can read it here. Today I want to compare the three foundations that are within this line: the Pro-Matte, Pro-Glow and the Total Cover.

I have been debating on how to write this post for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s best if I were to talk about each foundation in terms of price, packaging, shade selection, application, coverage, finish, and wear time/test. By doing it this way, I feel like I can be thorough about each foundation but I know that not everyone has the patience to read through long posts. So for people who want all this information in a more concise, get-to-the-point manner, I have created a table that basically summarizes everything. If you want to read more details or my additional thoughts and tips on each foundation, you can scroll past the table and continue reading. I hope this post will provide some insight to those who have yet to try any of these foundations and are wondering which one they should try and to those wondering if they should add any of these to their collection of foundations.

Comparison Chart

L to R: Pro Matte, Pro Glow, Total Cover

Shade Selection

I didn’t buy all 12 shades of all three foundations to swatch, but I mentioned in the comparison chart that the shade names and numbers may correlate between all three but despite that, the shades may not actually match between the three foundations. So the chart below just shows the shade names that correlate.

Additional thoughts and tips…

Of all three, the Pro Matte looks and feels the best on my skin. I like the coverage it gives and the thinner consistency than the Total Cover, but I wish that the shade selection was better. True that there’s 12 shades, which is decent for a drugstore foundation, but it’s nowhere as much as some of the other drugstore foundations like the Maybelline Fit Me or the Nyx Total Control. I find that most of the shades in the Pro Matte line have yellow/warm undertones. Only the first two shades, 101 and 102, have a pink undertone. Also, the progression from the first shade 101 to the last 112 isn’t gradual enough – as in the first two shades are for fair and fair/light skin and then the third shade, 103, is for medium skin. Where did light and light/medium go? I need a shade for light or light/medium skin, and so, this sucks because I have tried shades 101-104 and can’t find a shade that’s close enough to match me. Worse of all, this foundation oxidized on me – when it dries, it will be a full shade darker than when it was first applied. I have to mix the shade 103 with another lighter foundation to get the right shade, which will also change the final formula. I could use one of the lighter shades but those have pink undertones…*sigh*

As y’all know, I don’t particularly like foundations that have less than medium coverage, but I still own some – why? Foundations like the Pro Glow, that have light-medium coverage, are great for lazy and sick days, and to those of you who don’t need or want higher coverage foundation, the Pro Glow would be great for everyday. The shade selection, although the same as the others with 12 shades available, is way better. Shade 202 matches me pretty well. It has the slightest pink tone and it does slightly oxidize when it’s dry but it’s not really noticeable. The only thing that I have to nit-pick about is that the coverage isn’t build-able. If the coverage was build-able to a medium-full coverage like the Pro Matte, I would never stop using this foundation.

The Total Cover foundation did have the highest amount of coverage but it was harder to apply. The formula has a thick mousse consistency as opposed to the more fluid Pro Matte and Pro Glow foundations. For the best application and end result, I suggest applying the foundation to the back of the hand or onto a clean palette, dabbing the makeup sponge into that and then applying it to the face. A dense flat top kabuki brush would also work but if the bristles are packed dense enough, it will grab onto the foundation and not blend it out evenly. This product also claims to give a natural finish, which is only true if you apply a smaller amount. If more is applied, then the skin will look matte. However, I find that my oils do come through this foundation so I need to blot after ~4 hrs of wear – compared to the Pro Matte with which I didn’t have to blot at all. The shade 303 is a hint too dark for me but when I set the foundation with some powder, it turns out okay.

That’s all I have to say about these foundations. Sorry for the super long post, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.


Have you tried any of these foundations? If you have, which one is your favorite?

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and if you’re experiencing the same issue that I am with shade selection. If you have any tips for longer wear time, please let me know! I usually don’t wear makeup longer than 12 hrs in a day but it would still be nice if I could get these foundations to last closer to the amount of time it claims to last. I hope this review/comparison was helpful and I’ll talk to y’all later~

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  1. I’ve never tried a matte foundation before because I’m always nervous that over time that it’ll be too dry since my skin is already dry but I love the finishing look of them! How long would you say it lasted until it oxidized on you? Also thats totally weird that they didn’t have a light/medium shade I feel like thats such a common shade to just skip over. I’m also in that line of shades when it comes to foundations/concealers, so thats no bueno! This might be the most thorough review with all the charts and figures lol way to go girl!

    xo, JJ

    • Thanks girly! The Pro-Matte oxidized within an hour of application. You can still achieve a matte finish if you try the Pro Glow but just set it with translucent powder. 🙂

  2. Great post, Linda! I didn’t even know they made a Total Cover version. I bought the Pro Matte once but it was the wrong shade so I didn’t use it after that. I need to give it another shot with the correct shade!

  3. This was so helpful. Great post, Linda 🙂 I still haven’t tried a L’Oreal foundation as of yet. I did buy the cushion foundation (if that counts) but wasn’t overly impressed with that (if anything, I didn’t quite understand the hype of it).

    If I remember correctly, a few youtubers did rave about the foundations but I also remember them having to mix two shades together to get their shade so it seems like a common problem. I’ve personally have never gone through such efforts and don’t wish to either!

    • I agree, mixing shades is sometimes a hassle. I definitely prefer to just use a foundation that’s the perfect shade every time, but sadly, not every brand or line does that…sigh…

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  6. This is such a helpful post. I love the Pro Glow and I use it for a day to day basis, except I was trying to go back to the Pro Matte (I was at some point a little darker) but I could not seem to find a Pro Matte shade to match my Pro Glow 206 Buff Beige shade. And after reading this post I understand why. Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing.

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