Bebe’s Summer Adventures

How did the time pass by so fast?! Summer is almost over!

Hello everyone and welcome back!

So it has been 4 months since I’ve gotten Bebe and she is now officially 6 months old! This is our first summer together and we’ve had so many fun moments together. Today I want to share these moments with y’all! If you don’t really care for these puppy posts, you can just skip this and actually go back to my previous post where you can enter the huge GIVEAWAY that I’m having to celebrate my 1 year blogging anniversary. However, if you do want to see what Bebe has been up to this summer or you just want to be overwhelmed with puppy cuteness, keep reading!


Bebe’s first Kong toy! She was going crazy over the treat inside the kong toy and was rolling it around all over the floor. I ended up feeling bad that she was having so much trouble getting to the treat, so I held the Kong toy still so she could focus on getting that treat!

To this day, this French fry is Bebe’s favorite toy. She LOVES this thing! She played with it so much that the seam tore after 2 weeks, but I sewed it back up so she could continue playing with it!

Teaching Bebe the waiting game was so easy! She got it on the first try!

I catch Bebe staring into the darkness a lot…makes me wonder if she sees something we don’t.

Bebe and I did our first DIY project together! We made a mini staircase so that Bebe can get on the bed by herself. I know most people don’t like having their dogs on their bed, but Bebe is mostly an indoor dog. After she goes outside, I do clean her paws so she’s not dragging in dirt and grass into the house. I’m actually planning on getting her some shoes….is that weird?

Getting Bebe to come up the DIY stairs took a little bit of training. I used a few treats to entice her up the stairs. She got it down in 1-2 days!

A few days after that, I wanted to make Bebe another set of stairs. My room has windows that are wall-length, but stop about 8 inches from the floor. Even though 8 inches doesn’t sound that high, it’s high enough to where Bebe can’t see out the window. So the second set of stairs allows her to look out the window now.

Bebe’s tasted her first puppy whip! The Starbucks Puppuccino is free and Bebe seems to love it.

After taking a million pictures of Bebe drinking her puppy whip, I realized Bebe was in dire-need of a hair cut.

So Bebe got her first all-over groom, which included an all-over cut, bath, nail trim, sanitary trim, blow dry and style. I thought she looked so cute with the bow, but she hated it, lol.

Bebe had her first official play date with Sunny, my friend’s malti-poo, at a dog park. At first, she wasn’t a fan of him – she would bark and growl at him, but five minutes later, they were playing and chasing each other around.

There was also a wooden ladder at the park and Bebe loved going up and down it!

They had so much fun together. Bebe passed out for a nap afterwards.

Red Bull gives me wings! Okay, so Bebe didn’t drink a Red Bull, but she does have wings! I found this adorable harness on clearance at Petsmart! The wings flap up and down when she walks – it’s so cute!

But two weeks later, I found another cute harness – I just had to get it for her!

Lastly, we went to the vet last week and Bebe got spayed! She’s recovering nicely, but she hates the dreaded cone.

To cheer her up, I got her another puppy whip. Luckily, there’s only a week left before the cone and her stitches can be taken out.

That’s it for Bebe’s summer adventures!

I hope y’all had as much fun looking through these memories as we did making them. Have a wonderful day and I’ll ttyl~

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  1. helloitsjo | 5th Sep 17

    This is like the cutest post ever written .?!?! xx

  2. Tigritsa | 7th Sep 17

    Linda, I just can’t with all the cuteness in this post! XD Dying here lol

    I don’t think shoes are weird for a dog! Well, maybe a little haha but sometimes they are necessary. She may hate them though. I got little boots for my dog for winter time and he would walk sooo funny in them and try to take them off. But I was just trying to protect his little paws from the cold and salt!

    The stairs you made for her are such a great idea! I love for my pets to sleep in my bed with me. I understand when people don’t but I just love having them close to me!

    Hopefully she gets to take her cone off soon. I know it’s no fun but better than hurting herself!!

    Keep up the Bebe posts, love them. XD

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 8th Sep 17

      Aww thanks Tigritsa! Yes, I think boots sound a little weird, but you’re right, sometimes it’s necessary! When it rains or it’s too early in the morning (after the sprinkler just finished), I hate taking Bebe out because she gets soaked!
      The stairs are so handy! She literally goes up and down the bed whenever she wants! I still have a single puppy pad in the room, in case she can’t hold it and wait to be taken outside. I’ve seen her go down the stairs, go potty on the pad and come back up onto bed – it’s amazing!!!
      Her cone is coming off in 3 days! Super excited for her!

      • Tigritsa | 9th Sep 17

        The worst part about the rain and small dogs is their whole belly gets soaked because they’re so low to the ground. XD

  3. Always Cleia | 9th Sep 17

    Oh my gosh I can’t get over how cute Bebe is! I love your DIY stairs so she can get on the window ledge and the bed, I always let my pets sleep on the bed. And she’s so tiny, I’m sure there’s plenty of room for her! I love the video of her at the dog park, she looks so happy to be running around. Just, awwwww!

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 9th Sep 17

      Thanks Cleia! She is adorable isn’t she 🙂 Just wait for my Tuesday news!

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