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Fall is finally here!!!

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Can y’all believe it? It feels like summer had just started and now it’s already fall! When I think of fall, I think of boots, scarves, rusty red and vampy lippies, and of course, pumpkin spice lattes! I’m so excited, but I need to get my head out of the clouds before I get even more fall crazy, because it isn’t exactly fall here in Texas just yet. The summer heat usually continues on until late October, and until then, I’m going to continue using several beauty products that I have come to love over the summer. My last favorites post was in May and since then, I’ve found so many great products. Today I am going to share these favorites with you! So if you are interested in finding out what my summer beauty favorites are, just keep reading!



Ever since I have started working graveyard shift, I have become really concerned with how the amount and quality of my sleep can affect me physically, “Will I feel or look tired all the time?” To prevent my skin from looking dull and my dark circles from getting worse, I make sure to sleep, eat/drink healthy and also, and have a kick-ass skincare routine. I can’t say I’m doing the best job at sleeping enough or eating/drinking healthy, but I can tell you this – my current skincare routine is fantastic! This summer I started using a bunch of new skincare products and the following are the ones that I have fallen in love with and have become a part of my normal skincare routine.

***AlgenistGenius Liquid Collagen ($115)

This product contains claims to help the skin maintain its youthful appearance. The skin will look youthfully radiant with visibly refined and smoother skin by minimizing fine lines and deep wrinkles in just 10 days. I can definitely see these results. Maybe not in 10 days, but definitely after using it for at least 2 weeks, my skin looks and feels tighter and smoother but also soft and hydrated.

Drunk ElephantTLC Framboos Glycol Night Serum ($90)

Using this product in conjunction with the Algenist Collagen helped to improve my skin texture by 1000%. I started using this serum about a month before the Algenist Liquid Collagen. From this alone, I no longer had random dry patches on my face that I could never get rid of, but when I started using both, this and the liquid collagen, that was when I saw my skin texture improve even more. Even though this product is pricey, it is well worth the steep price tag!

CliniqueMoisture Surge Hydrating Mist ($25.50)

I love that this toner-like product has a spray! I’ve been getting into toners, but don’t like that I have to use a saturated cotton round to apply it. Since this product has a spray, it is right up my alley. It helped restore the hydration level of my skin after cleansing. I definitely want to try other toners that also have a spray, but until I find another formula that works well to increase hydration AND balances the skin, I will continue to use this!

ShiseidoPureness Matifying Moisturizer ($33.50)

This is such a great lightweight moisturizer. Despite wanting to keep my skin hydrated, I don’t want product to sit on my skin and feel heavy. Many moisturizers sit on the skin heavily and take a long time to absorb, while other moisturizers absorb so quickly that it feels like I didn’t apply anything. I like that this moisturizer absorbs quickly into the skin but not too fast, feels lightweight and cooling. After application, I can still feel that the product is there, but not clogging my pores or creating a thick slow-absorbing layer.

ForeoLUNA Play ($39)

I used to use the Olay ProX Advanced Cleaning System, which is a drugstore dupe of the Clarisonic Mia. I loved it, but there were many moments where I questioned if the brush head was giving me acne breakouts. The brush head is supposed to get changed out every three months, but those brush head replacements can get pricey. So I decided to switch to the Foreo cleansing system, which I heard because it’s silicone, it doesn’t harbor bacteria like a brush head would. I didn’t want to invest in the full-sized Luna just yet, so I got the mini Play version to try first. It’s supposed to only last about 3 months, but I’ve been using this one since late April and it still works! It’s gentle on the skin, but still gives me enough exfoliation and it’s easy to use – no need to worry about switching out the brush head or replacing the batteries! Well actually, the mini Play version isn’t rechargeable, but that’s okay, because now I’m ready to commit to the full-sized RECHARGEABLE version!


As for makeup, despite being on a No-Buy, I still somehow ended up getting a few new products here and there. I liked about half of them and have been using those religiously.


SmashboxPrimer Water ($32)

I’ve already mentioned this product in my May Favorites post. If you want to read what I said back then, click HERE to read. Everything I said back then about this product still stands. I love this primer! It’s so lightweight and easy! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Fiona StilesBronzing Veil

This is the perfect contour shade for me. It has a cool undertone that is perfect for contouring, but it’s not overwhelming. It doesn’t look like I have a grey stripe on my face. I could use this as the sole contour/bronzer product, but I usually like to layer on another bronzer that is warmer so that it balances out the coolness of this product. It sucks that Ulta discontinued selling this brand. Where am I supposed to go when I run out?!

BenefitCheek Parade Face Palette ($58)

I previously mentioned this palette in my April Favorites post. You can read about this product there or click HERE. The only thing I want to add is that I am no obsessed with the blush Rockateur! Before, I was excited about everything in the palette except for this blush, because I thought this blush was too dark for my skin tone, but boy was I wrong! I LOVE this blush and it is now my everyday blush. The whole palette is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone!

MilaniStrobelight Instant Glow Powder ($10)

Shade swatched is 02 Dayglow

These highlighters are absolutely stunning! It is definitely a blinding type of highlight, though I’ve only tried the shades 01 Afterglow and 02 Dayglow. So maybe not all the other shades are as blinding, but either way, the shades that I tried are absolutely stunning!

Urbay DecayVice Lipstick sampler palette

I received this sample palette that contains 24 shades of the UD Vice lipsticks. I don’t remember how or when I got this, but I finally started to use it and girl, am I glad that I got this! There are 24 lipstick shades  and so far I’ve tried 8 shades, but my favorite of those is definitely Stark Naked in the comfort matte formula. I find myself wearing this shade about 3-4 days out of the week, for weeks now. Also, the size of these samples are fantastic! It feels like I got 24 full-sized lipsticks in this palette despite not actually having that amount. I’ve worn Stark Naked at least a dozen times and there’s barely a dent in the pan!

L’OrealLash Paradise Mascara ($10)

In my first Dupe Wars series post, I said this mascara was a great affordable dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which is one of my favorite mascaras of all time. I still stand by that claim and if you want to read about that comparison post, click HERE. This mascara gives great volume and length and doesn’t smudge or flake. It has definitely risen to the top ranks of my mascara hierarchy!


Before this summer I never paid too much attention to my nails. Yes, I’d paint my nails but I didn’t notice whether a certain formula was wearing longer or better than the other. I also thought that all kinds of nail polishes were most likely the same. Now after trying shellac, gel, and SNS, I finally realize that there’s a huge difference and it makes me want to explore different kinds of nail polishes and its formulas. I completely fell in love with SNS this summer. You can see the different designs and colors I got in SNS. However, I’m still trying different nail products and polishes. These are some of my favorites below.

Sally HansenColor Therapy Nail & Cuticle Argan Oil ($8)

I never paid much attention to my cuticles before until I started getting SNS. Now, regardless of whether I have SNS, I’m obsessed with keeping my cuticles trimmed and moisturized. This product is made with Argan oil and is great for hydrating my cuticles.

EssieGel Couture Nail Polish in 60 Pinned Up and 540 To Have & To Gold ($11.50)

I am completely obsessed with these two shades of nail polish. If I didn’t have SNS, I was wearing this on my nails. Pinned Up is a pink nude and To Have & To Gold is a pale rose gold.


Wow, that was a lot of products we just went over. If you stuck around to the end, thank you so much for reading!!! Here’s a *high-five* and a *hug* I think I’m going to go take a nap now, but before you leave…

What products were you loving during the summer?

Whether it’s makeup, skincare, nails or hair, let me know! I would love to check out these products!


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***Thank you Algenist for sending me the Genius Liquid Collagen, but all opinions on the product are my own.






  1. Tigritsa | 4th Oct 17

    Loved this post!! I really enjoyed reading about your favourites especially because some of these are products I am very interested in like the Algenist and Drunk Elephant. I’m pretty sure I have myself convinced to buy the DE lol. I tested the Algenist on my hand and it’s a little thicker so of course I do worry about breakouts. I haven’t heard anyone say it breaks them out though.

    The Clinique and Shiseido sound really good! I’ll have to look out for those as well. I just got the Luna Play too but I haven’t tried it out yet.

    The Cheek Parade palette is on my list of things to get! I’ve been wanting it since I first saw it but now that I’ve swatched Galifornia and Rockateur in store, I want it even more!

    That Milani highlighter looks incredible. I love how it looks like a seashell too! And that Essie gel polish is so darn good. I was so surprised! My nails didn’t get a chip for 10 days last time I used it!

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 26th Oct 17

      Super late response, lol, but I’m glad that you like or are interested in so many of my favorites!
      The Algenist Liquid Collagen looks so thick at first, but once you spread it all over your face and neck, it thins out nicely and still hydrates.
      Yes, the Cheek Parade palette is a must! It’s so good! I’m kind of sad that I already hit pan on the Hoola Lite, but if I end up using it all up, I know I can buy it separate. The blushes in it are great!
      I have been wearing the Milani highlight everyday! It’s so pretty!

      • Tigritsa | 27th Oct 17

        I’m so sad because I think the Cheek Parade is sold out everywhere for Canada. I didn’t know it was limited edition. I really want to buy all those blushes and the Hoola lita but it will cost me a fortune lol

  2. Always Cleia | 7th Oct 17

    It’s so true, working shifts during times your body is supposed to be asleep can really take it’s toll on your skin, I’m glad you have found an awesome routine that works for you! I have heard so many great things about algenist products, they’re pretty expensive but if they work then it’s worth it!
    That blush palette is so pretty, I think i’ve said that before but it really is! I’m glad the rockateur blush works for you now, it’s always so nice being surprised by something you don’t think will work =D

    That’s such a great sample palette value for vice lipsticks! It will probably last you a long time.

    I also really love that Milani highlighter and the lash paradise mascara!

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 26th Oct 17

      Yay! I’m glad you like the highlight and mascara since it was in the giveaway prize.
      I use that highlight and the Cheek Parade palette everyday! It’s sooooo good!

      • Always Cleia | 27th Oct 17

        I took the mascara on vacation with me, I think I like it better than the too faced better than sex mascara.
        I saw that theres a new mini benefit cheek palette at Sephora, I need it haha!

        • Linda Talks Beauty | 5th Nov 17

          Yes! I saw it! the mini palette looks great! I have to use up the one I have, but if I didn’t have it, I would for sure get that one!

  3. Anne | Beautybyadutchgirl | 29th Oct 17

    That benefit cheek parade palette is literally life goals! This summer, I bought my first benefit product: Hoola Lite and I’m so happy with it. Are the rest of the blushes and bronzers in the palette as good as hoola lite? Because Hoola Lite blends in so well and looks so nice on the skin! Also, I’m obsessed with pinky nailpolishes, especially in summer! Are those essie polishes good? xo

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 25th Feb 18

      Ahhhh I’m so sorry for the late reply, but yes, I would say that the blushes are as good as the hoola lite. At first I didn’t like all three blushes, but now I do. I don’t know if most people can use both hoola and hoola lite, because one is definitely deeper and warmer than the other, but I can, so I get full use out of the palette. But even if you can only use one of the bronzers, you can use the other as an eyeshadow.

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