Review: Ciate London Influenster VoxBox

A back-to-back review? Yup 🙂

Hello lovelies and welcome back!

Yes, today I am sharing another review with y’all. I love trying out new products and sharing my opinions, so I hope y’all don’t mind. For today’s review, I am going to be talking about products that I received from my Influenster’s Ciate London VoxBox.

Wonderwand Mascara

First of all, look at that applicator wand. Doesn’t it remind you of something? Perhaps another mascara… another CULT FAVORITE mascara… like the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara? If it does, you’re not alone! I totally think this applicator looks the same. The formula is also very similar, with the exception of one huge thing – this mascara flakes so bad! I am so disappointed. My lashes look so long and voluminous with this mascara, but at the end of an 8-9 hour work day, there are black specks all over my under-eye area and cheeks. So sadly, this mascara is not a dupe and I won’t be wearing it anymore.

Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner

When I used this eyeliner for the first time, I was so surprised. It was super pigmented and easy to draw a wing with, but this positive impression quickly changed. The next time I used this eyeliner, the pen was dry and the felt tip was dragging on my lid. Did I leave the cap off overnight? Nope. Did I use it more than that one time? Nope. This was so strange. It acted like a brand new, super good liquid eyeliner the first day and then the next day, it completed dried out on me. After trying to draw a wing for a few minutes, the product started coming out again, but only when I started using the side of the felt tip and not the actual tip. Also, when I tried to go over the areas that skipped, it made the wing worse. It started to look really patchy and the wing shape got out of control. I ended up taking off all my eye makeup and started over with a different eyeliner. I am not using this eyeliner ever again.

Dewy Stix Highlighter in Glow

I don’t want this to sound so negative, but I have to be honest – I don’t like stick highlighters. I’ve tried four other stick highlighters and I’ve had hit-or-miss experiences with them. When a product is categorized as a “stick” formula/application, my expectation is that I can apply the product by drawing it on my face and then being able to blend it out evenly. With most of the stick highlighters I’ve tried, the formulas have been too dry and stiff so that when it is applied to the face, it tugs on my skin and moves the foundation that lies underneath it. Blending is also a nightmare. The initial streak takes too long to blend or is too difficult to blend out. This highlighter stick was no exception. It moves my foundation, almost taking it off where I try to put the highlighter on and the glow from this product is subpar. I can barely see it. It feels like I put lip balm on my cheek. Yes, a powder highlight can be applied on top to enhance the glow, but then what’s the point? Can’t I just wear the powder highlight on its own? Stick and liquid highlights are said to give a more natural looking glow, but this product did not do that for me.

I feel really bad because I did receive these products for free, but I have to be honest – I didn’t like any of these products.

Have you tried any of these products?

If you have, please share your experience with me! Maybe I’m applying these products wrong or there’s different things I can do to make these products perform better. I hope y’all have a wonderful day and I’ll ttyl~

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***Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free for review but all opinions are my own.





  1. Tigritsa | 26th Oct 17

    Yikes! Three misses! I love that you give your honest review though. I haven’t tried any of these products although I do have the eyeliner and mascara in my stash somewhere, unopened, collecting dust lol.

    The mascara wand totally looks like the BTS! That’s such a shame about the flaking. Nothing I hate more than a mascara that flakes all over my face!

    I totally agree about not being a fan of stick highlighters. Even stick blushes/contours. They just always seem to move my foundation around and instead of being easier, it creates more work for me to fix it!

  2. LexIsMore | 27th Oct 17

    Enjoyed reading this review and above all, I appreciate your honesty and realness!

  3. Always Cleia | 5th Nov 17

    Awww that’s really disappointing that none of these Ciaté products worked out for you. The mascara wand totally resembles the Too Faced BTS mascara, it’s too bad that it flakes so bad! Liquid Eyeliner Pens do dry up pretty fast, but they should never dry up THAT fast, I’ll definitely be staying away from these three products =/

  4. Laleelovesbeauty | 5th Nov 17

    Thank you for your honest review babe❤️

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