Bebe Turns 1 Year Old

Happy Birthday, Bebe!!!

Well Bebe’s birthday was actually on Wednesday, but we are still celebrating today. I got Bebe this huge pink birthday treat that she kindly shared (not really – she was growling when we tried to take it) with Baymax. There’s only a third of it left and they’ll finish that today.

Y’all should have seen how happy Bebe was. You can tell how happy she is by how she wags her tail. If her tail is wagging rapidly side to side, she’s in a “normal” happy mood, but if her tail is wagging slowly from the furthest left side to the furthest right side, she is beyond happy and excited. Her cute little butt also moves side to side when she’s this happy. It’s definitely one of the cutest things she does!

Chris got her a six month BarkBox subscription, which is great because it’ll also cover Baymax’s birthday. The first BarkBox did get here on time. We also opened that together with Bebe and again, she did share some of the treats and toys with Baymax. They both loved it!

In case any other pup moms are interested in BarkBox, I’ll be posting about it soon. For now, I’m just going to let the pups take their time with the products and see what they like or don’t like before I share.

For the rest of today’s post, I wanted to share some more pictures of Bebe. Last time I did this, it was in the “Bebe’s Summer Adventures” post in September. This time it’s going to be like “Bebe’s Fall/Winter Adventures” and of course, Baymax will be included in many of these pictures because those two are basically inseparable. So if you want to look and gush at a bunch of cute puppy photos, just keep reading!

Bebe’s Fall/Winter Adventures

Bebe’s first time with her boots! She seemed to like them…

Later that day, Bebe has her first puppy playdate with Sunny, my friend’s Maltipoo. As you can see, those boots are on anymore….she didn’t like them very much.

Bebe and Baymax are waiting for me to get home from work – soooo cute and heartwarming.

During the cold winter days, Bebe cuddles and naps with me ALOT. Typically she likes her space, but when she’s cold, she’s a snuggle pup.

I got Bebe and Baymax a sweater so they don’t get cold when they play outside! Look how cute they are! >_<

After moving into our new place, Bebe wasn’t letting Baymax onto the new couch for a while, lol.

Same with this super cute Spongebob pineapple dog house/bed that I found at TJ Maxx! Bebe just claimed it! Isn’t she so cute though?!

Bebe and Baymax went to their first Petsmart doggie day camp session during Valentine’s! They got a special V-day picture and doggy ice cream sundae!

Spring is just around the corner, so the pups and I went to Home Depot and got some plants and gardening supplies to set up our balcony garden! We had so much fun gardening and enjoying the nice breeze on the balcony.

Are you dying from all the cuteness yet? Bebe is just so freakin’ adorable. I love her so much! I can’t wait to share more pictures of her and Baymax next time! Also, don’t forget – if you’re a dog mom and curious about BarkBox, stay tuned for the next pet post!

Have you and your pet done anything fun recently?

If you have any cute or fun stories and pictures to share, please comment below – I’d love to read about it!

Talk to you later~

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  1. Emma | 2nd Mar 18

    Bebe is so cute!! Happy birthday to her! ❤️

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 3rd Mar 18

      Aww Thanks! I told her you said Happy Birthday and she started to wag her tail 🙂

  2. Always Cleia | 2nd Mar 18

    It feels like just yesterday you were posting Bebe’s Summer Adventures! I can’t believe she’s a year old already!!
    She is soooo cute, I can’t get over those little mittens and the pineapple house 😁

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 3rd Mar 18

      I know right??? I was like just wondering how time could pass by so fast. I’m just so glad that I was a crazy pet parent and captured so many pictures of all our experiences together! I re-live her cute 8-week puppyhood all the time!

  3. sarahscupofbeauty | 4th Mar 18

    Awww This is so cute!!! That cookie looks really huge haha. I’m sure she was happy! xoxo Sarah

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