Beauty Room/Vanity Tour!

Yes, the time has finally come!

Hello lovelies and welcome back!

Today I am going to be giving y’all a tour of my beauty room and vanity. My beauty room is actually my bedroom. I don’t really have anything else in my bedroom besides my vanity/desk, dresser and bed. It may not be as glamorous as the rooms that famous beauty influencers and YouTubers, or even some beauty bloggers have, but I love my set up and am so grateful to be able to have what I have. I hope y’all enjoy these types of posts as much as I do. Now let’s get started on this tour!

Let’s start with my vanity/desk. I have an IKEA Alex desk and drawer unit. Above my desk, there’s a super cute lipstick painting that I bought from TJ Maxx and to the right, a mini maltese calendar. On my desk, starting from left to right, there’s my iMac and planner. Behind my monitor, there’s a vanity mirror that I hide back there. I take it out when I need it and put it back there when I don’t.

In the middle of my desk, there are all my makeup brushes. I have all my eye brushes in the copper cup and all my face brushes in the gold metal organizer. I got the copper cup from drinking a Moscow Mule at Top Golf and the gold metal organizer is from Target.

Next to that, you’ll see another gold metal desktop organizer from Target. I use it to hold the eyeshadow palettes that I am currently using for the month. I like to rotate out a couple of palettes each month from my palette drawer and leave them here so that I remember to not just use the same palette over and over again.

Last thing on my desk is the clear acrylic makeup drawer. It has two smaller drawers at the top and then four larger drawers below that. In the top left drawer, I keep lip sample palettes there because I can’t fit them anywhere else. In the top right drawer, I have a bunch of miscellaneous lip glosses.

On top of the clear acrylic makeup drawer, I have my travel makeup brush case and then a bunch of makeup sponges. Yes, I know some of them are dirty…I didn’t feel like washing them before taking pictures for this post. >_<

Moving on to the larger drawers, from top to bottom, I have skincare products in the first two drawers.

In the third drawer is my current everyday makeup products.

The bottom drawer has a bunch of new lippies that I haven’t worn before or tested.

My desk also has two drawers. The left drawer contains a bunch of office and art supplies and the right drawer has more beauty-related products. It is split into two areas. The left side has makeup tools like tweezers, Q-tips, makeup wipes, and a glass coaster that I use to mix foundations on. It also has more skincare products that I couldn’t fit into the acrylic makeup drawer.

The right side of the drawer contains lip products that don’t fit into my lipstick tower such as liquid lipsticks by Colourpop, Kylie Cosmetics, and ABH and various lipliners and lip pencils.

Next part of my vanity is the Alex drawer unit. On top of it is the lipstick tower that I got from Lux Box. The front of the tower contains all traditional bullet lipsticks that are organized by brand and shade number.

There is also two drawers below that. The first contains all my Nyx lip products and the second contains all my mini lip products.

The back of the tower contains mostly liquid lipsticks and some traditional bullet lipsticks that couldn’t fit in the front of the tower due to lack of space.

Each side of the tower has two pockets that contain lip products based on brands: Too Faced, Milani, Victoria Secret, and L’Oreal/Elf.

Now we move on to what’s actually in the Alex drawer unit. Starting from the top, there are primers, concealers, brows, eyeliners, and mascaras in the first drawer.

The second drawer has all face products: bronzers, blush, highlighters, powders, and cheek palettes/duos.

The third drawer – my favorite drawer – houses all my eyeshadows, including palettes, singles, smudge pots, and liquid formulas. There’s also a small bottle of eye makeup remover. I put it in there because it ties in with the theme of the drawer perfectly and I had nowhere else to put it.

The fourth drawer contains all my foundations, setting/fixing sprays, false lashes, and in the back, a small bin of nail stuff.

The last drawer is the “new products” drawer. It has all my backups and new releases/purchases. I love opening this drawer because I feel like a pirate who has found a treasure chest full of gold when I open it. Sometimes I forget what products are in there and when I see it again, it’s like a surprise!

That’s it for my vanity/desk. Now let’s take a look at the other beauty-related parts of the room, which is my dresser.

Above the dresser are two Etsy prints of the classic CHANEL No 5 perfume and the CHANEL Coco Noir perfume. I absolutely love these prints! These are not the type that you print at home. It has gold leaf pressed on it and therefore, these prints were sent directly from the owner in the mail.

On my dresser, I have a decorative serving tray that holds all my perfumes (excluding all the fragrance samples that I have saved up from different purchases and beauty subscription), most of my sunglasses collection, and my watches. The rest of my sunglasses are in their respective cases in my car glove compartment (so if I forget to grab one from the tray, I have some ready in my car). The watches are from Anne Klein. I like to keep the watches in the box to keep the dust away.

Next to the perfume tray is my jewelry box. It’s a layer type of jewelry box, meaning you stack/unstack it layer by layer. I got it from Bed Bath & Beyond. I absolutely love this jewelry box! I used to have one that opens and closes like a treasure box, but I felt like that type of jewelry box was really time consuming when I was trying to quickly find certain pieces. With this type of jewelry box, everything is separated into it’s own space and is so much more organized and easy to use. Next to that is a faux succulent plant and gold glass case. Both are from Ross. I don’t have anything in that gold glass case yet, but I’m thinking I’ll put little knick-knacks in there or mini Polaroid pictures. Lastly, there’s a marble board that I use for my product and IG pictures.

That’s it for the beauty room/vanity tour!

The only thing I haven’t shown y’all yet is my bed. Y’all have seen everything else. I don’t think I’m going to get that much more stuff to put in this room. I do want something in between the Chanel wall prints so it looks more balanced and maybe an accent chair, but I’m not sure yet. I am super happy with what I have now so that other stuff can wait.

I hope y’all enjoyed seeing my beauty room/vanity/bedroom and I’ll ttyl~

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  1. Stella | 9th Mar 18

    I love those prints, what lovely accent pieces! I also really like the gold brush holder, gold accessories are so classy. What a beautiful space, lucky girl 🙂

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 12th Mar 18

      Thank you so much Stella! Yes – the prints are beautiful! My whole room is basically white and gold themed 🙂

  2. Khanak | 11th Mar 18

    Love your posts, as always! I have an idea: can you do a breakdown of all your eyeshadow palettes and give mini-reviews? I think that’s be interesting. Plus, I’m looking into investing in a new palette, so that’ll definitely be helpful. Great post!
    I’d love it if you’d check out my new post at
    Khanak x

    • Linda Talks Beauty | 12th Mar 18

      Great idea Khanak! I will be start a makeup collection series and one of the posts will go over my whole eyeshadow collection!

      • Khanak | 12th Mar 18

        Perfect! Now I surely know that the eyeshadow one will be dedicated to me, haha x

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