Our 1st BarkBox!

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If you have been keeping up with the puppy posts, you know that Bebe recently turned 1 year old and that for her birthday, Chris got her a subscription to BarkBox. If you missed it, you can click HERE to read up on what we did for Bebe’s 1st Birthday. So today I will be sharing with y’all what BarkBox is, what we got in our first BarkBox, and whether Bebe and Baymax liked it.

What is…

BarkBox is a monthly dog subscription service. Much like Blue Apron, FabFitFun, and Ipsy, this subscription service sends you a themed box filled with treats and toys for your pup. Each month is approximately $20 but has a value of over $40! The first box ships immediately after ordering, which is why we still received the February BarkBox despite ordering on Feb. 26th.


February BarkBox

February’s box is school-themed. It’s contents are supposed to prepare my pup for Bark University. It includes a congratulatory enrollment letter, a campus map and banner, an interactive course Dogalog, two toys and three different treats.

Subscribers can fill out the course Dogalog and take a picture of their pup with the Dogalog and a school toy and submit it on Instagram with the hashtags #BARKUniversity and #BarkBoxDay for a chance to win more toys and treats!

The two toys we got are squeaky. One is a blue Greek backpack and the other is a beer can.

As for the dog treats, we got Cheesy Furritos, Bocce’s Bakery Soft & Chewy Chicken Biscuits and Happy Howie’s Beef Jerky Treats.

Puppy Verdict

Overall, I think this BarkBox was a hit! I’m glad that the box contained enough toys and treats for both pups to share. They both instantly took a liking to the toys, which is great! The pups got a whole bunch of new toys for Christmas, but half of them have already been tossed. Yes – teething is no joke. They can rip through a cheap plush toy within a day! As for the treats, Bebe was pickier than Baymax. Baymax liked all the treats, especially the Cheesy Furritos. He even started to roll around, on top of it. I don’t know if he was trying to spread the smell of the treat onto himself, but he looked darn happy doing it. On the other hand, Bebe didn’t like the Cheesy Furritos and just spit it out whenever I tried to feed it to her, which Baymax loved because he would just swoop in and gobble it up. They both liked the chicken biscuits. We’ve actually finished the whole bag already! As for the jerky, they also liked it. Luckily, there were two strips in the pack, so each of them got to gnaw on a strip for a bit before eating it all. We can’t wait for our next box! It’s coming this week!

Do you have a pup that constantly needs new toys and treats? Or are you just in the market to try out different dog brands?

If you are, you should check out BarkBox! Click HERE to learn more information on how to get your first BarkBox! I hope have a great Hump Day and I’ll ttyl~

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